This year we’ve chosen a palette that reflects a “less is more” mindset. Full of versatile classics and neutral tones to get the most out of your existing handmade favourites.

Peachy Pink

Baby Pink


Butter Yellow

Olive Green

Army Green

Baby Blue

Ocean Blue



Indian Red

Dusty Pink

Pink , the colour most associated with femininity and tenderness, has gone through a lot of changes throughout history. While it still remains associated with it, in terms of power and resistance, Pink is having a revolution.


The Pinks we have chosen this winter have an earthier tone. It’s an easy-to-wear selection that works well with other colours, such as white, for a fresh, preppy look or grey for a more muted, classic style. It also looks great with pale denim jeans or cream based dresses and skirts.

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Olive Green

This classic winter colour is everywhere. Wear Olive as a bold focus piece and pair it with neutral colours such as Cream and Dusty Pink, or dark colours like Navy and Wine.

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Butter Yellow & Lavender

Lavender and Butter Yellow are two of our winter trends outliers. Surprisingly versatile when you start layering with your handmade outfits. Both these underrated hues pair wonderfully with Grey’s, Pinks, Tan and each other.

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Tan & Cream

Pull out your colour wheel and you will see that Tan is great for layering with anything full of Blue’s, Purples, Wine/Berry & even Orange or Green. Talk about options! This is the perfect compliment colour for any winter wardrobe.

A neutral staple, Cream will pair with anything you throw on it. Simple and easy winter pairing done.

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Bonus Classic Winter Colour

We couldn’t go past this winter classic. You can see how layering our Berry Flutter really makes the colours in the Pinafore Dress pop. That’s the power of layering basics with your beautiful handmade wardrobe.

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The Supporter & The Hero

Sometimes blue can be an intimidating colour to pair. Don’t worry we’ve got you.

Pair Baby Blue with Lavender, Dusty Pink, Cream & Yellow

Ocean Blue is a Bold colour, pair it with Dark Purple, Dark Pink, Burnt Orange & Forest Green

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Pairing Inspiration with My Little Threads

Ocean Blue Flutters
Pinafore Dresses by My Little Threads

Lavender & Pink Flutters
Skirts by My Little Threads

Army Green Flutters
Pinafore Dresses by My Little Threads

Army Green

Penny & Nikolina Wearing Army Green Flutters. Skirts & Pinefore Dress by My Little Threads

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Army Green is also available in these styles

Create your own look with a Basic Top & Pixie Wings

Penny is wearing a Dusty Pink  Long Sleeve Basic Top with Arctic White Pixie Wings – Pinafore Dress by My Little Threads

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Try these DIY Pixie wings with Dusty Pink